my name is brooke.
this is what the inside of my head looks like.


sometimes I feel like I am living on another planet looking across at everyone else and I can see ultimately what I want but I’m not sure how I can get there. today an old man stopped my dad and I and told us he woke up happy this morning because he was still breathing.. I woke up, turned my alarm off, rolled back over and skipped school. sometimes I feel like I seem so ungrateful for what I have, it’s just I want things that are so much more simple like to wake up next to the person I love, to eat fruit for every meal, to be happy with the little things I am surrounded by, and I have a hard time accepting all the heartache and frustration and stress in peoples everyday lives. so for now I live in my own head, whether that be good or bad, and I try to find my way through, and I have moments when I love this life even though it can be cruel the-dreaming-of-paradise

keep it healthy

Paul Graham

Anonymous: you're so beautiful and your blog is amazing! I hope your doing well! xx

you’re so nice why are you anon :/ thank you so much, I am! I hope you are too xx